Our Simple Home Purchase Process

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How to Sell Your Home to a Cash Investor:

From start to finish, we operate in complete transparency by being open and honest about the process. We’ll never hit you with false promises, hidden fees, or vague contracts. After we hear your case and evaluate your property, you’ll get an immediate offer that we can deliver within a week! To many, that sounds too good to be true, but, rest assured, everything we do is entirely legal and a sound business choice for dire situations. We buy houses in New York and focus in the main boroughs.

How does it all work? We get that question often, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to illustrate just how easy the process of getting cash for your house is and how you can start today. We can break it down into three simple steps:

Submit Your Property Information

Using our form, you can begin the process by inputting your property information, like your phone number, email, and address. At this point, you’re not committing to a binding contract for purchase. All of your information is kept confidential and never disclosed outside our office.

We Contact You Within 24-Hours for an Offer

After receiving your information, our analyst and team of investers research the value of your home based on several factors, such as the home’s condition, location, and history. Then, we formulate a reasonable value, given that after our purchase we still need to resell it for a profit. We’ll contact you with an offer by the end of the day. Our phone call consultations are toll-free and won’t cost you a penny. Again, you’re under no obligation, and we never pressure you to make a decision. We encourage you to carefully decide what’s the best choice for your family in your situation. Our offer will cover the costs of repairs and closing fees. If you do choose to accept an offer over the phone, we can schedule a same-day appointment to sign off the deal.

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We Deliver a Cash Check Within 7-Days

Unlike realtors, we buy the property directly, meaning you won’t have to deal with fickle prospective buyers from a listing. We don’t deal in regards to credit or monthly installments, but instead, pay everything upfront in a cash check. Best of all – we usually can deliver payment by the end of the week. After you receive your check, you’re free to move out and on with your life! We truly do help you sell your house fast.

Don’t let the banks take everything you have. There’s another option – Five Boro Homes will take your property in any condition, so you can bypass the hassle of repairs ordered from inspections and appraisals. Start the process today and begin your new life.

Fast-Cash Home Buying is straight-forward and easier than you think. Get started today!

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