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As the second largest borough in New York state, Queens is a buzzing haven for the real estate business. People are constantly moving in and out of our communities, making the housing market very competitive. As a seller, this predicament might seem intimidating to you. People have so many options in choosing a home, how can you ensure yours stands out in the market? If you want to close a good deal, but you need to relocate quickly, what can you do?  Don’t panic! With Five Boro Home Buyers at your side, you never have to worry about finding a way to sell your house fast in Queens, NY. Speed and fairness are our number one priorities; we will get you the money you deserve as quickly as possible. Relax and let us market your home for you!

Wondering how does selling a house fast work?

Here’s how and five reasons Five Boro Home Buyers is the perfect stop for selling your Queens home as timely as possible:


1 – Upfront Payment

With Five Boro Home Buyers, you never have to worry about not receiving the money you deserve. We automatically process transactions for immediate payments! Once we close a deal, you’ll have instant access to the fund!

We refuse to dabble in credit, monthly installments, or any form of payment that delay payment. You deserve your money immediately! Thus, we pride ourselves in giving you your home’s full cash value as quick as possible.

If you are interested the details of our upfront process, free to give us a call or explore our resources on this website!


2 – Cash Payment

Not only do we process payment upfront, we also provide it in hard cash! This makes payments reliable and timely!

Unfortunately, scam artist and unreliable buyers can take advantage of you using a credit payment. Besides, it’s possible that a bank hold or computer error can withhold your money. We never that happen by dealing only with cash payments.

Paying for your home upfront in cash will guarantee that you get the money you deserve in a fair manner. When working with us, there is a 0% chance of payment error or delay. With your home’s full value at your fingertips, you’ll never have a reason to feel confused or dispute the buyer.


3 – Never Delay

Many people often stereotype real estate as a slow and burdensome industry, especially in the Queens borough. Traditional realtors can take years to close a house for a great value. Five Boro Home Buyers works effortlessly change this status quo through our commitment to finding the right buyer in your from anywhere!

Realtors thrive off delayed transactions. In theory, the longer payments take, the more profits they receive. Unfortunately, many fail to understand that a slow process harms their reputation and the chances of any deal closing, much to the annoyance of the homeowner. We offer a difference process by putting you first!

We guarantee to close your home in 7 to 14 days. Our upfront cash purchasing plan streamlines the selling process. In turn, delays and confusion disappear in favor of a physical and immediate payment.


4 – No Commissions or Hidden Fees

We are NOT realtors! So we don’t take commissions or any portion of your home’s transaction. We don’t have to labor through the real estate market legal or certification process. All you do is submit the property’s information, and we’ll market for you! No strings attached!

We promise never to hit you with hidden fees of any kind. We communicate with you openly and honestly regarding any questions. As soon as we pay you upfront in cash, you don’t ever have to hear from us again. We will work hard to ensure that our work won’t cost you a penny.


5 – No Commitment Required!

Queens has a massive population, meaning hundreds of realtors will pressure you for their services. We understand you probably want to keep your options open. That’s why you’re free to withdraw your property from Five Boro Homes at any point! Find a better deal? Take it!

Our plans are free from restrictive contracts and legal hurdles! You should never feel pressured or uncomfortable. Moving is already stressful enough! As long we haven’t closed a deal, you’re free to switch services to a competitor. We’d hate to see you go, but we understand that every situation has its own unique circumstances. You should do what’s best for you and your family! Our no commitment process distinguishes us from the greedy competition. As discussed earlier, we don’t include any hidden fees for canceling the deal or seeking initial consultation.

Five Boro Home Buyers is your best choice if you need to sell your house in Queens today. If you don’t want hidden fees, payment drama, or the pressure of traditional real estate firms, come to us.

Our process is simple: we give you cash for your home immediately upon closure. Still have questions? Check out some more frequently asked questions regarding cash for your house.

To communicate directly with a member of our home buying team, call us at 516-870-4462


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