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The Housing Market in Bronx, NY


The Bronx is a rising real-estate haven, seeing countless individuals flocking to the borough in recent years. However, this makes the housing market all the more complex. Apartment buildings and houses can fluctuate with trends. The competitiveness of the industry has sharpened; homes enter and exit the market more often than usual. You may feel you need to do something outrageous to make your property stand out from the crowd. This desperation can place an unbearable amount of stress and anxiety you if you need to move out quickly or avoid foreclosure.

That’s where we come in – Five Boro Home Buyers offers the best way to sell your Bronx property within 1-2 weeks! We’ll buy it off you “as is” with an immediate cash offer because that is what we do, we buy houses!

With us, you’ll never have to worry about all the paperwork and hassle of a traditional realtor. They often drag on sales for what seems like forever with tense negotiations. It may take weeks for them to even list your home on the market for buyers to see. Then they have host open houses and will often ask you to perform expensive renovations and repairs.

We’re different. We don’t burden you in the ways a traditional realtor might. Instead, we merely take some information from you and offer a fair offer for the property. No hassle, no games, and absolutely no obligation to accept! We will give you the monetary value of your home as quickly and efficiently as possible, guaranteed.


We Pay in Cash

Competitive real-estate markets tend to have a lot of uncertainty. If someone does purchase your home through a realtor, they may choose to pay the majority in credit or with a mortgage. Some realtors might negotiate monthly payments (which the buyer might suddenly be unable to afford).

On the other hand, we simply give you all the cash upfront in a big check.

The only form we use to pay for homes is cash. So you never have to worry about not receiving what you deserve. Within 7-14 days, you can have money in the bank and move on with your life.


No Delays

Unfortunately, people usually think of selling a property a long and tedious process. If you use the traditional realtor, that would be the case. When working with a realtor, buying or selling a home takes exceptionally longer than it should. Realtors tend to have multiple clients at the same time. Often they drag each one out to find the best possible deal.

But your situation, you probably cannot wait months for the best deal. Whether it’s a family emergency, divorce, or pending foreclosure, Five Boro Home Buyers is here to help you transition out of the property smoothly and quickly. You have more important things to worry about than working with a slick realtor and fixing up a home you don’t want to (or cannot) live in anymore.

If you’re looking for the fastest option to sell your property, don’t settle for realtors. They’ll ask for complex appraisals, repairs, and tie you down in paperwork.

We’re your best option for efficiency in finding a fair deal for your Bronx property.


Upfront Payment

Like we mentioned before, there are huge benefits to paying you upfront in cash. It’s simple. You know what to expect. And, best of all, the transaction is complete relatively quickly. We pay you upfront and immediately the full value of the offer, rather than charging hidden fees along the way.

Monthly payments, credit, or payment delays are options you’ll want to avoid at all costs. You don’t have to worry any complications when you choose to work with us. As soon as the deal is complete, you will have your home’s full cash value secure in the bank.

One of the core values of our company is being honest and transparent in providing you the best information the fastest way possible.


No Commitments

The Bronx is a very populous region with a complex housing market. It’s both understandable and wise that a home-seller would want to keep their options open. Here at Five Boro Home Buyers, we respect your decision to patiently weigh your choices.

Throughout our entire process, we will never pressure you to make a decision you don’t feel comfortable with committing. If at any point on the negotiation timeline you feel uncomfortable or disinterested, feel free to leave us, no questions asked. If you chose to step out, there would be absolutely no consequences on your behalf.

From initial consultations to signing the final deal, you never have an obligation to continue.

We don’t introduce any form of legal documentation, including contracts, until the final sale stage of the process. In turn, there is zero consequence if you were to entertain your curiosity by looking into selling alternatives. This freedom extends to your wallet; we don’t charge any cancellation or consultation fees.


No Hidden Fees

As discussed, the team at Five Boro Home Buyers doesn’t include any realtors. However, you should view this as a positive, not a negative. We don’t have to worry about any the same kind legal processes associated with traditional realtors. There are no commission fees at all with us. Nor do you have to deal with any hidden fee in lengthy contracts.

If you are trying to get rid of your Bronx home as quickly and reasonably as possible, Five Boro Home Buyers is the perfect company for you. Since we aren’t realtors, you don’t have to worry about typical real-estate delays, pressure, or hidden fees of any kind. We only use cash for our payments, and, in turn, pay you the full liquid value of your home upfront.

Don’t let the mainstream Bronx real-estate industry prevent you from getting the money you deserve. If you are looking to sell your Riverdale home in neighborhood of the Bronx, we can help you. Contact Five Boro Home Buyers today.

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