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As a growing residential neighborhood in the heart of the Bronx, Riverdale has unique real-estate opportunities. First of all, the area’s market is vast; homes are bought and sold every day, making for fierce competition. It’s understandable that selling your home in such a cutthroat environment may seem daunting. However, this shouldn’t drive you to desperation, leaving you in a lackluster deal that doesn’t give you the money you deserve. Even worse, you might be in danger of foreclosure after months of no one no buyers coming through. Unfortunately, working with a slick realtor can drive up your costs with heavy commissions and them ordering needed repairs.


More often than not, you don’t have time or money to waste in selling your property. We are different than the traditional realtor. First, we don’t try for months to list your home on the market for potential buyers. Instead, we are the buyers! Since we buy houses in Riverdale, we’ll purchase your home off your hands with hard cash within a week’s time. No hassle, no games, no gimmicks!

Five Boro Home Buyers is there for you. With us by your side, you will never have to worry about uncertainty in selling your home. We pride ourselves on working quickly to give you a fair offer our home. Additionally, we will work effortlessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve promptly. Here are just a few reasons why Five Boro Home Buyers is the perfect solution for selling your home fast and easy:

We Pay Upfront

If you choose to work with Five Boro Home Buyers, you will never have to worry about the means of compensation. We pay you upfront in cash, guaranteed.

We refuse to dabble in monthly payments, credit, or any form of delayed payment. Providing you with your home’s full value upfront as quickly as possible is one of the foundational cornerstones of our business.


We Pay in Cash

In addition to paying you upfront as quickly as possible, we promise to pay you in cash.

Too many issues arise if you don’t use hard cash to secure payments. We don’t want to take the risk of errors or unstable payments such a credit. Here at Five Boro Home Buyers, we give you the full value of the offer immediately. Since many of these issues arise due to a lack of physical money involved in transactions, we protect our clients by only using cash.

Our means of payment guarantees you receive fair compensation for your home as quickly and conveniently as possible. Remember, there won’t be payment delays since we always pay upfront.

No Delays

You are likely under the false impression that real estate, especially in Riverdale, is an unavoidably laggard industry. This notion is a misconception, one that you should attribute to the use of realtors, and the lengthy periods of time they take to make final closures on homes.

Realtors take long periods of time to close homes because it allows them to boost their profits at the seller’s expense. Here at Five Boro Home Buyers, we always put the seller first.

Using an expert team comprised of absolutely no realtors, we directly combat real-estate slowness with a firm commitment to speed while never neglecting quality and fairness.

To prove our dedication to avoiding delay, we guarantee we will purchase your home within a 7-14 day timeline. Once again, all of our purchases are made upfront in cash, ensuring that payment delay is a thing of the past.

We Never Charge Commissions or Hidden Fees

As discussed, Five Boro Home Buyers is not a real estate firm. Since we aren’t realtors, we aren’t bogged down with the same legal obligations and formal restrictions that prevent realtors from facilitating the fastest and fairest sales possible. With such advantages, we can ensure that we never charge you commissions or hidden fees of any kind.

You’ll never have to pay any extra fees at all. Any of our consultations, meetings, and appraisals are at no costs to you. We simply pay you, and the selling process is complete; it’s that simple.

We Don’t Hold You to a Commitment

Five Boro Home Buyers thoroughly understands your tendency to want to keep their options open. In fact, we encourage this curiosity. It’s always wise to consider all your choices in selling your home. That’s why we will never tie you down in agreements to solely work with us. You have the freedom to walk away at any time from our deals.

We want you to get the best deal possible. Although we are confident that we can provide you with such an arrangement, we want you to feel as comfortable in the whole process. Nothing is final with us until you sign the last of the paperwork.

We hope our transparency will make you feel as comfortable as possible during your home-selling experience. There are no cancellation or consultation fees of any kind.

If you are looking to sell your Bronx home as quickly and efficiently as possible, look no further than Five Boro Home Buyers. Our team will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive the absolute best deal possible for your home as quickly as possible. Our fight against traditional delays, pressures, and fees commonly associated with the Riverdale real-estate scene will help ensure a smooth transaction. We give you cash, upfront, guaranteed; it’s that simple.

If you have any specific questions or would like to begin working with us, we encourage you to contact us through whichever means you are most comfortable. Our dedicated team of investors is available via email (info@fiveborohomebuyers.com) or phone at 516-870-4462 to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Don’t let the Riverdale real-estate industry keep you from receiving the money you deserve, reach out to Five Boro Home Buyers today.

Proudly serve the Riverdale zip codes: 10471 + 10463


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