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You might find selling your Manhattan property an overwhelming task, especially if you need to move out quickly. The housing market is very dynamic, and often the legal process can burden you with a lot of red tape. And if you’re in danger of foreclosure, you don’t have time to wait for a realtor to list your property for a year or longer.

Thankfully, we’re here to help guide you through this stressful period. Five Boro Home Buyers offers you a simple process to sell your home quickly. We promise to close a deal to purchase your property “as it” within a week.

Here are just some of the many reasons why we’re the perfect solution for selling your Manhattan home:


Fast-Paced Deals for All Your Manhattan Properties

Competitive real-estate markets tend to have a lot of uncertainty. If someone does purchase your home through a realtor, they may choose to pay the majority in credit or with a mortgage. Some realtors might negotiate monthly payments (which the buyer might suddenly be unable to afford).

On the other hand, we simply give you all the cash upfront in a big check.

The only form we use to pay for homes is cash. So you never have to worry about not receiving what you deserve. Within 7-14 days, you can have money in the bank and move on with your life.


Liquid Payment

When considering a property sale in Manhattan, people immediately think of the method of payment. If they buyer pays most of it on credit with a heavy mortgage, you might have less confidence you’ll get what you deserve. With us, you have assurance we will pay you the full amount immediately upon signing our deal. Since we deal directly with upfront, cash payments, we don’t need to delay anything.

Not to mention, many potential buyers can back out of deals and break contracts for property purchases – leaving you with little to nothing for all the effort. Even worse, many realtors can swindle you with heavy commission with little progress for months.

We, on the other hand, will place your home’s liquid asset value in the palm of your hand.


Upfront Payment

We pride ourselves on the immediacy of our payments. When you work with Five Boro Homebuyers, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your compensation as quickly as possible. You’ll eliminate the need for middleman realtors and all the factors that tend to drag out the process for you.

We refuse to dabble in monthly payments or credit. Instead, we place the cash value of your home in your hand; you have full control of the money without any delay. Since we deal exclusively in cash, you never have to worry about the legitimacy of your payment.


No Strings Attached

Here at Five Boro Home Buyers, we are NOT realtors. This fact should not, however, discredit the expertise and dedication of each member of our staff. We have a long history of analyzing property values, renovating homes, and marketing them again for resale. We understand how different trends will affect your sale of your Manhattan property. In everything, we promise complete transparency in our data.

The primary benefit of not being licensed realtors is that we are not subject to the traditional obstacles and delays that bog them down

Therefore, we will never ask you for any form of commission on your sale whatsoever. As discussed, we pay you in cash upfront. There is no need for any extra payments on your behalf for any consultations, inspections, or repairs.

At no point in the transactional process will we hit you with any hidden fees or extra payments. When we propose a purchase price, we stand by its as final for adequately reflecting the home’s worth.

No Commitment Offers

The Manhattan real estate market can seem a complex world to the layperson. You probably will want to explore all your options first before a decision. We fully respect your process and offer you fully transparent information on all the best options. You will never feel pressure to commit to us at any point.

Any consultations, discussions, or additional meetings before the sale never requires a commitment or payment from you. We work around your schedule to ensure you feel comfortable. At any time before the final transaction is complete, you are welcome to step out of the negotiation process, no questions asked.

Further, we don’t tie you down any contracts or other legally-binding agreements until the final sale. In turn, we hope to provide you with the quickest and most comfortable home-selling process possible.

When selling your Manhattan home, we hope to do business with you soon. Contact us at 516-870-4462

Don’t let the traditional real estate process force you to wait forever to sell your Manhattan property. You deserve your money now.

Contact Five Boro Home Buyers today for a free appraisal and begin the process. In fact, if you just submit your address and contact information, we can email you an estimate today!


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