7 Pro Tips for Selling Your Home Fast and Getting Cash

selling your home fast

The time between listing and selling a home has halved since 2010. Selling your home fast has never been better since the recession. If you’re not seeing these types of results in your neighborhood, don’t worry, there’s hope yet.

No matter how desirable you think your home is in contrast to your neighbors, buyers need enticement. You can’t just throw a “for sale” sign up in your yard and online and expect everything to work out. Make sure you’re taking all the necessary steps to get noticed in NYC.

1. Take a Good Picture of It

Smartphones have come a long way, but they will never replace a real photographer. Not only is their camera lens superior, but they know how to manipulate light and angles. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if your pictures are basic and predictable, that’s what is reflected in your ad.

Your listing photos are going to sell your home, not your charm or your flavor text. Pay to have a professional stage and photograph your house. They’ll turn your crime scene-tier photos into something you would see in a resort flyer.

2. You Need an Agent

FSBO (For Sale By Owner) has its obvious financial advantages, but are you really saving anything? If it takes longer to sell your home, will you get what it’s truly worth? Unless you have experience as a real estate agent yourself, invest in an accomplished agent.

They’re going to have the tools to determine the health of your market and advertise your home accordingly. It also helps a lot from having a professional there to hold open houses and reel in prospective buyers. They’ll know which buttons to push, statistics to drop, and weed out any time-wasters.

Yeah, get used to talking to buyers who definitely can’t afford your home and want to window shop. Don’t hire any real estate agent that already has too much on their plate, ask them about their client list and the average time it takes to close.

3. No Personal Reminders

We know that trying to sell a home that you still currently live in is tough. You have to schedule open house visits, organize and keep it cleaner than usual, and sell the features of the home to buyers. You have to do all of this without reminding them that you live there.

Now, you either move into a temporary home/lodging while doing this or remove all your personal decor. No family pictures, no clothes laying out, and no personal hygiene products. Expensive appliances are one exception, as they may actually add to the home’s appeal.

If the interested buyers can picture themselves living in your space, you’re halfway to closing the deal.

4. Renovations and Upgrades

If your home is under a decade old, you probably don’t need much in the way of upgrades. If your home still has popcorn ceilings and basic shower heads, there’s work to do. Start with the most practical of upgrades, ones that a buyer will appreciate and get use out of.

Dual, detachable shower heads, LED lights, garbage disposal, USB plug outlets, video doorbell, and solar panels are a few big bumps in quality of life. The best ROI renovations will take place in the kitchen, the bathroom, the roof, and landscaping. Oh, and always take care of any potential foundational problems before selling.

5. Lighten Up the Mood

You may consider your home perfect the way it is, but that’s not how to sell your home. If you don’t renovate anything on the inside, then at least brighten it with better lighting. This may seem extreme, but the reality is that well-lit rooms look better.

Researchers have determined that brightly lit rooms cause us to feel emotions more intensely. That goes for good and bad, but happy potential buyers pull the trigger when they’re emotional. There’s nothing nefarious about that, we all buy more when we’re excited.

Go for vibrant, stronger lighting, pastels, and glossy finishes to enhance a room’s lighting. Show off those chandeliers with high-wattage bulbs and polished surfaces.

6. Outdoor Curb Appeal

We mentioned landscaping as a good return on investment, and this is partly why. Curb appeal draws people in, it’s your first-impression as a seller. A well-maintained lawn, trimmed trees, and exotic plants say so much.

It tells the buyer that they probably won’t have to deal with irrigation problems, pests, and poor soil. It means less money they need to invest after moving in, which is a selling point vs other properties on the market. In NYC, a home with a yard is either a big positive or a blight, depending on the condition.

Remember to take care of your gutters, siding, trim, and windows. Replace aging doorknobs and pressure wash any concrete/stone surfaces. These little details will really make your home stand out.

7. Timing Is Everything

You got everything prepared for this sale, but you have to keep an eye on when you sell it. Yes, overall, home listings are getting shorter, but there are still slower seasons. Obviously, colder weather won’t bring in the crowds, unless you’re selling a famous home.

Aim for late Spring, early Summer if you can. This may cause you to deal with more difficult people, but it will be worth it. Whatever you do, though, listen to your realtor about listing prices, advertising, and marketing budgets.

Help Selling Your Home Fast

If you follow all of these tips for selling your home fast, you won’t have to wait too long before a serious buyer comes along. If you are still struggling and don’t know what to do, New York Homes for Cash is here to help. We offer real solutions to those who need cash quick.

Contact us now and we promise to get back to you in 12 hours with an offer!

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