How To Sell Your House Fast in NYC

In the ever-growing New York City real estate community, it may seem impossible to sell your house. With so many homes entering and exiting the market at such a rapid rate, you may feel that there’s simply no chance your home will be picked up by a buyer. We buy houses and with Five Boro Home Buyers, you don’t need such a doom and gloom outlook for your home. We will also deliver payment in cash!

Below are just five of the many reasons Five Boro Home Buyers is the perfect way to sell your home quickly in the bustling metropolis of New York.

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1 – Speed of Transaction

NYC residents often perceive real estate as a tediously slow industry. Their perspective is not without warrant. The process of buying and selling homes takes time, right? It shouldn’t if you find the right service to market your property. You don’t need a real estate agency either! Trust the experienced marketers of Five Boro Home Buyers to purchase your home in the matter of days.

The tedium triage of legal appraisals, back and forth bargaining, and delayed payments plagues the modern NYC real estate market. These kinds of transactions leave both buyers and sellers in an awkward state of confusion and anxiety. You can easily avoid this dilemma by giving us the responsibility of finding you the right buyer.

Five Boro Home Buyers understands the necessity of a timely transaction for selling your home. Therefore, we strive for a streamlined and efficient transactional process. We will purchase your home upfront with cash, something the vast majority of our Manhattan competitors can’t boast. This immediacy of payment provides you security and peace of mind from bypassing costly roadblocks, such as bank transfers and credit limits.

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2 – We Buy Houses & We Pay in Cash

Payment issues seem to curse the mainstream real estate industry in Manhattan. Whether it from risky credit or monthly installments, homeowners rarely obtain the money they deserve.

To circumvent all these potential delays, we offer to deliver payment for your home in cash upfront. With Five Boro Home Sellers, gone are the days of unkept promises and delayed compensation. We guarantee you will receive your home’s monetary value in a tangible, liquid asset. Your convenience and compensation are our top priority, which is why cash payment serves as the foundational cornerstone of our business.

If you would like more information on our cash policy, we encourage you to give us a call at 516-870-4462.

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3 – We Pay you Upfront

Not only will we buy your home in cash, but we promise to deliver nearly immediately. To guarantee you receive fair compensation in the shortest amount of time possible, we make our transactions a one and done event.

Our payments will never come to you in the tedious formats of monthly installments, credit. We hand you the full cash value of your home, and it’s all yours. After that, you don’t have to hear from us again! No strings attached.

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4 – No Additional Fees or Commissions

We really need to stress one point: we are NOT realtors. We do not claim to be realtors or operate as a realtor would. Modern real estate agencies have a vested interest in continuing their services and bog you down in legal paperwork.

We do not ask for any form of commission on our purchases. Since we are directly paying you in full upfront, and that’s the end of the deal. We don’t include any hidden fees! Our team doesn’t ask a penny from you for any consultation or any part of the marketing process.

5 – Noncommittal Consultations

With the vast and complex NYC real estate industry, we understand that, as a seller, you want to keep as many options open as possible. Here at Five Boro Home Buyers, we don’t shove our services down your throat or pressure you in any way! In fact, if you find a better deal, you’re free to withdraw from us consequence free.

When it comes to our purchasing process, we believe in complete freedom for the seller. You shouldn’t feel pressured in any way to continue the negotiation if you don’t feel comfortable.

We don’t lock you into restrictive contracts. In other words, at any time before the transaction is complete, you can back out of the negotiation process.

In addition to legal freedom, there are no consultation or cancellation fees of any kind. You never have to worry about any surprise charges upon your exit.

Five Boro Home Buyers offers the fastest and most efficient means to sell your home in New York City. We pay for your house in cash, upfront, with absolutely no delays, hidden fees, commissions, or pressure.

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