Should I Sell My House? – 9 Reasons You May Need to Sell It

should i sell my house

The average homeowner only spends six years in their home. Homeowners are no longer paying off their mortgage and staying in their home for 40 or 50 years — they don’t raise their family in one home and retire in the same place.

Why is that? Well, there are many different reasons.

If you buy a house and have to dip after only a few years, don’t feel bad. But you should know some legitimate reasons for selling your home, especially if you’re selling it years before your mortgage is completed.

Are you asking yourself, “should I sell my house?” Here are 10 common reasons to respond with a “yes.”

1. You Ended Up Hating Your House

One of the simplest and most common reasons for selling a home is you ended up hating your home.

Maybe you settled for a lower price, only to find you got what you paid for. Maybe you purchased your home that sits on a busy street or you’re stuck with some noisy neighbors.

Many homeowners try and tough it out. But if you’re unhappiness is affecting your health and you can get a good return on your home, save your sanity and sell your home.

2. Your Home Is Too Small

Many life changes can happen after you buy a home. You have kids, maybe a family member needs to move in, or you decide you need extra space that you don’t have. If your current home can’t accommodate the space you need, it’s time to upgrade.

This is a common situation that occurs with first-time homeowners. They settle on a cheaper and smaller home because they don’t think they need the extra space.

When life changes occur, they wished they forked over more cash and bought a larger house.

3. Homeowners Come Into More Money

This is also an issue that first-time homeowners experience. As mentioned previously, many first-time buyers settle for a cheaper home.

As you advance in your career, you’ll inevitably walk into more money. You may decide to upgrade to a larger and more expensive home.

If you already paid off your home, this decision is almost a no-brainer. But if you still have years left of mortgage payments to go, you can still sell your current home for a more luxurious one.

4. Change in Your Neighborhood

Neighborhoods change. An area that was once safe with the best schools and jobs in the county can go south several years later. If a once thriving area now makes you fear for your life, it’s time to pack up and move.

This is also an issue many homeowners are facing because of gentrification.

Homeowners who move to a hip and thriving area didn’t realize it was previously home to violence — and rising housing costs didn’t drive these people away.

5. Needs Too Much Maintenance

As homes age, they lose their power. Their roof becomes weak, the windows and doors are less insulated, the gutters need to be replaced, there are foundation issues and other common repairs or replacements need to be done.

Even if no serious repairs are required, some homes are old and outdated.

All of these repairs and redesigns cost money. Many homeowners decide they can save money by selling their home to a house flipper and use the money to buy a new home.

6. Move for Family Reasons

Maybe you had kids and want to move to a child-friendly area. Maybe your kids left the nest, moved out, and you want to be closer to them. Maybe a relative isn’t doing well and you want to be closer to them.

Or maybe, you don’t want to be near family at all.

Family reasons is a common reason to move out of a home early. The old saying is true — family comes first. No matter how many more mortgage payments you have left.

7. New Job

Even though the future of the workforce is remote work, there’s a chance you’ll have to relocate for a new and better job. If the position is too good to pass up, selling your current home is worth the sacrifice.

What if you didn’t get a new job, but live a little far from your current one? Work commutes are always stressful. If you can avoid rush hour traffic, don’t be afraid to sell your home and move closer to the office.

8. Different Priorities

Many people buy a home because that’s what they want at that moment. After a few years of home ownership, some people realize they have other priorities in life.

Some people don’t like the kind of responsibility that homeownership brings. They would rather rent or find another way to have a roof over their head.

Others decide to drop everything and pursue a hobby. This includes changing their lifestyle or even to travel and live on the open road.

9. Changes in Relationships

Every couple looks forward to buying a home together. This is what millennials are doing now. However, relationships are shorter and shorter with each generation.

The average millennial relationship lasts four years. And don’t think tying the knot will keep you two together. The average marriage today only lasts seven years.

If you and a partner are no longer together, don’t suffer under the same roof.

While usually only one partner leaves, don’t be surprised if you can’t take the burden of paying for the house yourself. Maybe you want to leave and start over.

Should I Sell My House? Here Are Your Options

Whether the kids moved out or you have new priorities in life, certain life events call for a home sale. Are you wondering, “should I sell my house?” If you fall under any of these reasons, selling your house is a good idea.

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