NYC apartment

5 Big (Apple) Tips for Selling Your NYC Apartment

NYC apartment

If you have an NYC apartment, you have one of the most valuable commodities anyone can ask for. For some people, a place to live in NYC is more valuable than gold. If you live in the city, then you’re at the center of a worldwide hub of intrigue and activity.

If you live in NYC, you live in the de facto capital of the world. Everyone wants a piece of it, and that means no matter the state of your apartment, it’s valuable to someone. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to spruce it up if you’re considering putting your home on the market!

You can already make a lot of money by selling your home as it is. Yet, if you take a few simple steps to make your NYC apartment look better, you can profit even more. There is no such thing as charity in NYC, so think like a realtor and be sure to make the most you can off your apartment!

Keep reading below to learn how you maximize the profits off of your NYC apartment, with just a few simple tips!

1. Everyone Wants an NYC Apartment

The most important thing to remember about your NYC apartment is that everyone wants it. Over 62 million tourists visit the city every year, and each one leaves enchanted. They all dream about what it would be like to live in the city, and some would be willing to pay to find out.

The city is filled with too much opportunity to pass up. There’s a reason so many artists turn to NYC for inspiration; it’s where people go to believe more in themselves and in the world. The city bodes a challenge to all that live in it: if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, after all.

2. Not Everyone Can Afford an NYC Apartment

Even if everybody wants to buy an NYC apartment, not everybody can afford one. The market in the city simply prices people out — it’s $5,000 per month just o rent a three bedroom apartment. Purchasing an apartment can cost a person millions of dollars.

If you’re trying to sell an NYC apartment, you should know the kind of person you’re targeting. The people that purchase NYC apartments are usually affluent, with elite and professional jobs. Some prospective buyers may not even consider your apartment to live in. Instead, they may just want to find a vacation apartment.

That means you should target your apartment to people who want to live in the lap of luxury. Decorate your apartment to make it look decadent and divine at the same time. You’re not selling to an average home buyer — you’re selling to someone who wants the thrills of the city.

3. Your View is a Work of Art

One of the most important parts of buying a new apartment is the view. It’s what your buyers will have to see every time they wake up in the morning, and the last thing they see before going to bed. Your apartment’s views set the tone for the whole room.

So make sure to frame it like a piece of art. When you’re preparing photos for your apartment’s listing, be sure the view is more than just visible. Take the picture during the time of the day when you think the view is the most beautiful. Edit the colors as you need to really make the room shine.

Most of all, you should frame your apartment’s views. This may mean simply draping it with appropriate blinds or adding complimentary knick-knacks to the railing. Yet, it can also mean catching a view at the right angle or going so far as to install windows that help make the view pop.

4. It’s at the Center of the World

If you spend your whole life in NYC, you may not realize how special the city is. New York City isn’t glamorized throughout the whole world without a reason. It’s the center of the world’s economy, and it’s where a seeming nobody can turn into a star right before your very eyes.

Make sure to advertise your location when you sell your apartment. Make a note of nearby attractions, diners, parks, and anything else. Let potential buyers know about the hidden, secret place you like to spend your time near your home.

It’ll do more than just sell the neighborhood and the apartment at the same time. By speaking with potential buyers about nearby amenities, and your personal favorites, you establish a rapport with them. That rapport can turn into trust, which can easily turn into a sale.

5. Time Your Sale Right, Or Miss Out

As with any other kind of market, the New York City real estate market is constantly fluctuating. The value of different homes and types of properties may not be the same in a month as it is today. Try to sell at a time when people emerge from their homes and fill the city with life.

The buzz of activity around your apartment will add value to it. This usually peaks around two weeks into May, when students start moving, families start looking for homes, and tourists fill the streets. By trying to sell your home during mid-May, you do more than just make more money.

You also sell it faster. Buyers understand that they’re competing with each other to land an apartment. If they see many other potential buyers flocking to the same place, they’ll feel the heat of healthy competition. It’ll make them more likely to jump on your apartment and make an offer.

NYC a Great Place to Visit, and to Live

New York City is a place abuzz with business and people; it’s where people go to live their lives to the fullest. That makes more than just a beautiful spot for tourists to flock during the summer. It also makes it the perfect spot to make a profit, using the right expertise.

You can’t just sell your NYC apartment as you would anywhere else. The city is special, and so your apartment is special too. It takes an expert to properly prepare it for buyers and to close a sale.

Contact us if you’re interested in selling your NYC apartment, and we’ll discuss the many things we can do for you. After all, nobody knows New York like New Yorkers.

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